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Whether you’re trying to attract new visitors, launch a new product, or boost sales, Adventurize can help. Get in touch if you have any questions.

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Target your ads to customers in 163 countries around the globe, and be seen front and center while they play the world's favorite video game - Minecraft®.

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Signing up for Adventurize is free. You only pay for the time your ad is actually being displayed to potential customers.

Your costs will depend on your goal. The more you pay, the more time during the day your ad is shown.

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Server owners: Is your Minecraft server low on funds?

Stop paying out of your own pocket for your server and easily earn enough
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Why to choose us

With Adventurize™, you no longer have to worry about being able to pay your next server hosting bill. Simply place the Adventurize plugin on your server to begin displaying unobtrusive ads to your players and earn for each click.

Adventurize will NEVER display ads for other Minecraft servers, so you don't have to worry about your hard earned playerbase being stolen.

Entice your players to donate to your server by providing an ad-free game experience only for donors. With a simple permission node, you can choose which groups you want to display ads to.

  • Set how often you want ads displayed, and to whom.
  • Track server clicks and earnings easily.
  • Withdraw your earnings via Paypal (additional methods coming soon).
  • Add multiple Minecraft servers to your Adventurize account.

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Meet the team

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the Adventurize team has over 60 years of
combined experience in computing, marketing, advertising, and publicity.

Daniel Reiss Harris


Daniel Reiss Harris manages product and business development for Adventurize. He is an entrepreneur, computer scientist, and geek.

Fern Reiss

Vice President

Fern Reiss manages publicity for Adventurize. She is an expert in publishing and name-brand positioning, and an honors graduate of Harvard University.

Benjamin Harris


Benjamin Harris is the creator and handler of the Adventurize backend. He is a programmer extraordinaire.

Jonathan Harris

Technology Advisor

Jonathan Harris worked for Hewlett Packard for 28+ years in parallel computing, and has an advanced degree from The University of Illinois.