Server owners: Is your Minecraft Server Low On Funds?

Stop paying for your server entirely out of your own pocket and easily earn money
to help offset your costs by displaying unobtrusive ads to your players.

Why to choose us

With Adventurize, you no longer have to worry about your next server hosting bill. Simply place the Adventurize plugin on your server to begin displaying unobtrusive ads to your players, and earn for each click.

Adventurize will NEVER display ads for other Minecraft servers, so you don't have to worry about your hard earned playerbase being swiped.

For players who would rather not see ads, encourage donations for an ad-free experience using our simple permission node. Either way, you make money.

  • ✓ Get paid at the end of each day
  • ✓ Withdraw your earnings easily via Paypal
  • ✓ Set how often you want ads displayed, and to which players
  • ✓ Easily track your clicks and see your earnings

* Earn more when we launch if you sign up and install the plugin today.